Eileen Snyder

Eileen Snyder is the local coordinator for ASSE.  She works hard matching up foreign exchange students with families who are interested in hosting them.  Not only does she match families up with these students, but she also hosts students in her own home.

Hannah Marcellina

Hannah Marcellina is a stand-up comedian, podcaster, MC, and an all-around awesome person.  She currently works at The Eagle Theater.  

Jason Howell

Jason does amazing work for the NJ Pinelands.  He also advocates for some very serious issues that could affect the people of Hammonton.

Dave Ruberton and his brother, Steve, are the proud owners of Rocco's Town House. 

Jennifer Gordon

Jennifer Gordon is an awesome dancer and dance instructor.  In this episode, she discusses the incredibly difficult obstacles she had to overcome in order to be where she is today.  

Charley and David Lolio

It was a pleasure bringing back one of Hammonton's hardest working volunteers, David Lolio, to The Pillars.  This time, he is accompanied by his husband, Charley Lolio.  We discuss everything from growing up as a gay person in Hammonton, to Hammonton's interesting history and growth.  

Jackie Siscone

Jackie Siscone is a member of the Hammonton High School Hall of Fame.  She is one of the best basketball players to ever come out of Hammonton.  She now brings her championship mentality to the court, and she coaches our town's youth.

Kristopher Chiola

Kristopher Chiola is a teacher/service member/father/and a fellow chucker.   

Linda Zab-DeBow

Linda Zab-DeBow is one of Hammonton's most loved and respected Zumba instructor.  In this episode we discuss her classes at Instinct Fitness and MMA, and much much more.

Mary Henning Young

Mary Young is one of Hammonton's most dedicated volunteers.  She does so much for our town.  In this episode, we talk about her decades of service that has made Hammonton a better place.

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