Razors Edge

Alek Zab, Nicole Stanek Waldie, and Ocie Norman are trainers at Razors Edge.  In this episode, Nicole talks about gaining the confidence to fight in front of an audience.  Also, Ocie talks about what the people of Hammonton get out of his beginners class, and Alek discusses his future in cage fighting.  

Ocie Norman is a martial arts instructor at Razors Edge.  In the first half of the episode we discuss Ocie's love of poetry, music, fighting, and teaching.  In the second half, we speak about his struggles with depression.

Master Yates is the owner, and Damon Widmer is the head instructor, of Ultimate Martial Arts and Kickboxing.  In this episode they talk about becoming martial arts instructors, gaining confidence, the fear of public speaking, and how their program makes a positive  impact on Hammonton's youth.

Loraine Stites is a graphic designer for The Eagles.  In this episode, Loraine talks about her Super Bowl ring, working for the Miss America Pageant, overcoming obstacles, her family's Hammonton history, and what it is like working for The Eagles.

Nick Goblirsch is the host of The Dependent Independent.  In this episode Nick speaks about firing over 2,000 people, The Four Agreements, his new found perspectives on life, I Heart Painting, and podcasting for over five years.

Alicia Murphy

Alicia Murphy is the founder and president of The Kickstand Crew.  You can find this crew riding their bikes all over Hammonton.  In this conversation, Alicia discusses working toward making Hammonton a bike friendly town, the awesome activities and events she does with her bike club, and running the Independence Day Parade with Brooke Sacco.  

Ellen Lauletta is a mother, nurse, and host of Scrub Caps and Sippy Cups.  In this episode, Ellen talks about her new podcast, her stance on vaccinations, being from  Ukraine, and running a group of over 5,000 nurse anesthetist moms.

Sue Moerder

Happy Halloween!!!!!!  Sue Moerder is one of Hammonton's most talented and unique artists.  Touring her tattoo shop/art gallery is truly a one of a kind experience.  In this episode, Sue speaks about the process of creating her unique sculptures, life before tattooing, being tattooed by her daughter, and how the people of Hammonton can help her fight against human trafficking.

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month, and Kristi Schleyer came to The Pillars of Hammonton to educate us all.  She is a mother of three, and two of her children were diagnosed with epilepsy at an early age.  Also, Kristi discusses her 200 pound weight loss and what it takes to keep the weight off.  Oh, and be on the lookout for some VERY special guests who drop by the studio at the end of the episode.

Mr. Sam sat down with the GOP and Hammonton 1st in two separate interviews.  Both parties were asked the same questions.  

1. What will you do to improve the lives of children in Hammonton?

2. Are there plans to ensure all children have access to little league and soccer?

3. What will you do to support Main Street?

4. What are your plans for Hammonton's roads?

5. How will you keep taxes low?

6. Will there be a debate?

7. How will you support Hammonton's events/traditions?

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