Chief Sean Macri

Sean Macri is the chief of the Hammonton Fire Department.  In this episode we discuss Fire Prevention Week, saving lives, playing tug-of-war against the Hammonton Police Department, and the Fire Department's close relationship with Santa!

Mike Velardi and Matt Zuccarello are two sports fanatics who host a podcast called, The Sports Box.  In this episode we talk about politics in the world of sports, coaching Hammonton's youth, The Eagles, and professional wrestling.

Christina DiDonato Dillon is the President of Marketing and Business Development at DiDonato Family Fun Center.  In this podcast she talks about running her business during covid, the amazing food at DiDonato's, being the Mayor's daughter, and so much more!

Dave Morgan-Lolio

Dave Morgan-Lolio is the former WAWA guy who is currently working at Abby's Angel Kisses.  He can be seen volunteering at various events around the town of Hammonton.  In this episode we discuss crazy WAWA stories, the work he does around town, and so much more!

Art Club

Art Club has done an incredible job of making a positive impact on Hammonton during an incredibly difficult year.  Don Swenson, Maribeth, and Samantha Rose are three of Art Club's original members.  In this episode we talk about bringing art to Hammonton, Third Thursday, Free Art Friday, creating murals for the whole town to see, Ninja Turtles, and so much more.

Season two is here!!!  The Pillars is starting off with a bang. In this episode I speak with lifelong Hammontonians, teachers, and the best of friends.  We speak about being a teacher in the age of Covid, Kimberly's fight against cancer, about the sad sad story of Stacey having missed out on the READ Preschool experience, and so much more!

Tiffany Bendig

Tiffany Bendig is one of Hammontons greatest and most powerful forces of optimism.  In this episode she discusses her struggles with cancer, and how she came out on top.

Jaime Lynn Wuillermin

Jaime Lynn Wuillermin is the director of Groovy Kids.  In this episode she discusses her life in Las Vegas, making quilts that serve as family mementos, what she would add to Hammonton if she was the mayor, and all of the awesome stuff she does with Groovy Kids.

Gilda Ceasar

Gilda Ceasar is the incredible greeter at Hammonton's Walmart.  In this episode she discusses her passion for greeting people, the foods she loves to cook, the people she loves to help, and how she enjoys a good time in Atlantic City.

Alex Jenkins

Alex Jenkins is the owner-operator at Taffeta Hair and Makeup Design.  In this conversation she talks about growing up in Hammonton as a tomboy, being in the wedding business while going through a divorce, the time she turned Mr. Sam into a dinosaur, and how the queen comes out on top!

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