Mickey is running for Hammonton's school board.  I asked him questions given to me by residents of Hammonton. 

Erica Polito is running for Hammonton's school board.  I asked her questions given to me by residents of Hammonton.  

A Tribute to Dan Marro

I have lived in Hammonton for six years.  During that time, I met someone who would quickly become a best friend.  His name is Dan Marro, and we tragically lost him to COVID.  I hope that this tribute brings a smile to the face of "The Beautiful" Karen.  This episode is for her, and for anybody who loved Dan, or wants to get to know him.  For this celebration of Dan, I brought in Andy Julia and Ray Scipione. Ray and Andy are not only talented and hilarious podcast hosts, but they were longtime friends of Dan.  In this episode we tell stories about Dan, talk about the love he had for Karen, and reminisce about Dan's many talents.  We love you, Dan Marro.

This episode is the series finale of The Pillars of Hammonton.  THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who have supported this show over the last 2 years.  I really appreciate you.  This final episode is with none other than the always fun, Caitlyn Collins.  She is the proud owner of The Bounce House, and just an awesome person.  

Janlisa Parris

Janlisa Parris may not be from Hammonton, but her life story is special, unbelievable, and inspirational.  This is a conversation that I will never forget.  Her book, Times in my Mind, can be found on Amazon.com.   


Copy and paste this to check it out. 


Britney and Jessica are on a mission to create affordable private assisted living suites for Hammonton's senior citizens.  

Nicky G Giorno

Nicky G is the #1 rated afternoon drive (2p-7p) on-air personality on 98.1 WOGL in Philadelphia. On the air, on South Jersey and Philadelphia airwaves since 1976.

He is also an awesome party DJ, as he has worked at countless clubs, weddings, and other venues.  

In this episode we discuss his entrance into the world of radio, what he loves about being on the mic, how he thought he was going to be fired from his original radio job, his love of vinyl, and much much more.

Quinton Greene

Quinton Greene is one of Hammonton's most talented and inspirational artists.  In this episode we discuss the immense impact PTSD has made on his life, how art has helped him and the incredible things he does for people in need.  Also, he surprises Mr. Sam's kids with an awesome piece of super hero art!

Tales of the Olive

Kelly Brown and Kelbie-Jo Brown are the proud owners of Tales of the Olive.  In this episode we discuss the motivation behind starting their business, what people get to experience when they go to Tales of the Olive, and what everyone's favorite olive oil flavor is.  We even do an awesome taste test, with the help of Mr. Sam's kids.

Jack Mazzeo

Jack Mazzeo is the proud owner of Mazzeo Studio.  In this episode we discuss photography, the story of Mazzeo Studio, Hammonton history, and the unlikely story of how Jack met his wife.  

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