Tiffany Bendig

Tiffany Bendig is one of Hammontons greatest and most powerful forces of optimism.  In this episode she discusses her struggles with cancer, and how she came out on top.

Jaime Lynn Wuillermin

Jaime Lynn Wuillermin is the director of Groovy Kids.  In this episode she discusses her life in Las Vegas, making quilts that serve as family mementos, what she would add to Hammonton if she was the mayor, and all of the awesome stuff she does with Groovy Kids.

Gilda Ceasar

Gilda Ceasar is the incredible greeter at Hammonton's Walmart.  In this episode she discusses her passion for greeting people, the foods she loves to cook, the people she loves to help, and how she enjoys a good time in Atlantic City.

Alex Jenkins

Alex Jenkins is the owner-operator at Taffeta Hair and Makeup Design.  In this conversation she talks about growing up in Hammonton as a tomboy, being in the wedding business while going through a divorce, the time she turned Mr. Sam into a dinosaur, and how the queen comes out on top!

Amy Heggan

Amy Heggan is the PE teacher at ECEC.  In this conversation she talks about her love of teaching children, the fantastic team of educators at ECEC, being honored as "Teacher of the Year", and the work that goes into creating "Field Day".

Olivia Bellano

Olivia Bellano, AKA Chef Belle, is one of the original directors/instructors at Kitchen 19.  In this conversation she talks about the unlikely way she got started in the food industry, her love for teaching kids how to cook healthy meals, the impact she made as manager at the Hammonton Senior Nutrition Center, and the invention of the "Belle Jar."

Tracey Lynn

Tracey Lynn is the manager/head barista at Casciano Coffee Bar.  In this episode she talks about life before Casciano's, memorizing Hammonton's drinks, tattoos, and helping people start their day.  

Ivette Guillermo

Ivette Guillermo is the director and founder of Allies in Caring.  In this episode she talks about growing up in Mexico, being raised by parents who are deaf, her passion for helping people and the wonderful things Allies in Caring does for Hammonton.

Jenny Penny

Jenny Penny is a yoga instructor and hospice nurse.  In this episode, Jenny talks about taking care of people during their final days, the many reasons she loves/teaches yoga, and staying positive while suffering from MS.

Kim Clements-Duffy is a yoga instructor and acupuncturist .  In this episode, Kim speaks about her love of teaching and practicing yoga, the healing benefits of acupuncture, people's energy, and the power of paying attention to your breathing.  

Also, Kim treats us to a 30 min guided meditation session.

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